I just bought something, how do I track it?

            It is very easy to track your order on the Elanic app. Just follow these instructions: 
               Step 1:
            1. Go to the "menu" option located on the left top hand side on the app

            2. Step 2:
            3. Tap on "Track Orders"

            4. Step 3:
            5. Please click on the order you want to track.

            Detailed tracking information of your order can be seen on the app.

            To give you a better understanding here is the detailed explanation of the process as it occurs. 

            1. Step 1: Once the Buyer finalizes a product and places an order for it, the process is initiated.

            2. Step 2: Our team then gets in touch with the Seller and organizes a
              pick up

            3. Step 3: The product is picked up and brought to Elanic headquarters for inspection.

            4. Step 4: To ensure that the quality of the product is on par with the description, our team thoroughly inspects it for any kind of damage, including cuts, breakages, tears, stains and more.

            5. Step 5: Once the product passes our inspection and is deemed to be in good shape, it is neatly packed and kept ready to be sent out to the Buyer.

            6. Step 6: After packaging, the product is shipped out to the Buyer.

            7. Step 7: Once the Buyer receives the product, they have 3 days to return it. The Buyer then inspects the product and upon finding it satisfactory, the payment is made to the Seller.

            Please note: In case of direct shipment, the product is picked up from the seller and shipped directly to the buyer.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2017 05:12 AM
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