A user is trolling / writing abusive language on my posts. What should I do?

            If a user is posting abusive things on your listings, you could delete the comments. We give our users the complete freedom to take charge of their profiles and remove unnecessary and unfriendly comments from their listings. If you feel their behavior is out of the line, you could always contact our customer care executives and report the issue. 

            Here is a list of actions we restrict users from participating in: 

          • Listing a Prohibited Item
          • Creating multiple listings of the same item
          • Individually selling items from bundle listings
          • Excessive reposting of previously listed items
          • Listing an item that you have no intention of selling
          • Listing an advertisement
          • Listing items with the intent to sell to certain users only
          • Listing items higher than retail value
          • Relisting purchased products at a much higher price
          • Setting unrelated categories
          • Setting a false brand
          • Using another member's photos or words without their consent
          • Listing in auction, raffle, or giveaway format
          • Listing free items for purchase
          • Promoting or advertising Elanic Credits

          • Transactions:
            • Encouraging payment methods other than those specified by us
            • Soliciting users to pay off our platform
            • Proposing or completing a transaction in person
            • Proposing a trade, exchange, partial exchange, or swap
            • Two members reducing the price of their own items and purchasing from each other
            • Requiring or encouraging a direct transfer of a product
            • Returns unauthorized by us
            • Using our platform for the purpose of money laundering

            • Having multiple accounts on Elanic
            • Creating another alternate account after being permanently banned

            • Threats
            • Slander
            • Trolling
            • Indecent behavior
            • Spamming
            • Copyright infringement
            • Posting false information

            If any users are found participating or indulging in any of the above activities, we reserve the right to deactivate or delete their accounts, resulting in a suspension or a permanent ban. We urge our users to come forward and report any illegal conduct to us to maintain a safe and healthy marketplace.

            Updated: 12 Jul 2017 02:52 AM
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