How can I list my items in Store?

            To list items in your store, make sure you have setup a store on Elanic.

            Click here to know ‘How to setup a store on Elanic’.

            Listing items:

            • To get started, click on the sell icon in the app.

            • Make sure the store icon is selected.
            • Click a neat picture of the item you wish to sell using the camera option or upload a picture of the item from your phone’s gallery.

            • You can upload multiple images (maximum of 5) of the same item from different angles to give a better clarity and click on the arrow button to go to next page.

            • Enter the title of the product.

            • Choose the appropriate category, sub-category and fill in the selling price.

            • You will be then directed to a page where you can select sizes. Choose the sizes available from the options shown.

            • You will be then directed to the "Confirm details" page.
            • Fill in the details for colour and hashtags (they are optional) but adding these details can increase the chances of your product visibility.

            • Now update the quantity of your stock, then select store button below and click on the arrow at the right of the page.

            • Here you can select the various sizes and colors of your product which we term as variants.

            • This helps the buyer to understand the availability of the different colors and sizes.

            • The stock will be auto-updated as 1 for all variants and you can edit the same according to the availability.

            • You can change the price of the products based on the sizes and colors.

            • Editing the product price, in turn, will change your earnings as well.

            • Click on the Camera icon to upload pictures based on the available colors for your item.

            • We also give you the convenience to make a specific variant unavailable on the application.

            • Just unselect the variant you would like to make unavailable.

            • You can add any additional details here. And then submit your listings by clicking on the button.

            • Your product will go live on the app within 2-3 working hours.

            Updated: 17 Mar 2018 12:58 AM
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