How to use Elanic to sell?

            • To get started, click on the sell icon in the Elanic app.

            • Click a neat picture of the product you wish to sell using the camera option or upload a picture of the product from your gallery.

            • Select the category and fill in the important details like description, brand, size, condition, selling price and address.

            • Click on submit so that it is available for others to view and buy.

            • Once someone buys your product, you will be notified.

            • You can then schedule a pickup date for our pickup agents to collect your package.

            • Once the item has been picked up from you, it will be shipped to the buyer.

            • The money for the sale is credited to your Elanic wallet 3 days after the item is delivered to the buyer.

            • You can transfer your earnings from the Elanic wallet to your bank account by requesting a cashout.

            Listing your products on Elanic is completely free of cost. All we charge is 15% commission and a pickup fee.

            The selling fee is automatically deducted from the proceeds of the sale once a sale has been completed.

            Updated: 26 Jun 2018 04:45 AM
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